WRI: 1000 Enterprises' Energy Consumption by Sector, 2006

China’s National Development and Reform Commission’s “Top 1,000 Enterprises Program” is central to its efforts to reduce national energy intensity by 20 percent. Established in its current form in 2006, this program imposes a significant portion of the overall 20 percent energy intensity target directly on China’s 1,000 largest state-owned enterprises, most of which are in heavy industry (see figure). In 2005 the enterprises in the program accounted for at least 33 percent of total primary energy demand and 47 percent of industrial energy demand. The program met its goals in the first year, achieving the full 20 percent of its five-year target and actually exceeded its targets in 2007.

From Seligsohn, Heilmayr, Tan, and Weischer (2009) “China, the United States and the Climate Change Challenge.” WRI Policy Brief, available at: http://www.wri.org/publication/china-united-states-climate-change-challenge