The US and China- Clean Tech Business Opportunities

Together, the US and China have the potential to attract a cumulative $962 billion in private clean energy investments over the next 10 years. China’s leaders realize the limitations of conventional fossil fuel as new sources of energy for their rapidly-growing economy. Recent policy developments have shown that China intends to seriously pursue new, low-carbon sources of energy in order to meet this growing demand and mitigate impacts on the environment. This represents an opportunity for US businesses exporting to and manufacturing clean technologies in China, as well as for Chinese firms investing in the US. Also, joint endeavors between Chinese and US companies can result in more rapid development of more affordable cleantech products and services, benefiting the economies and environments of both nations. What circumstances are most likely to create U.S. economic benefits, what are US firms doing to take advantage of these markets, what obstacles do they face, and what are the potential payoffs? Opportunities abound, but a key factor in the US ability to take advantage of clean tech opportunities is supportive policy.